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How My 9 Year-Old Sold His First Online Course

How My 9 Year Old Son Sold His First Online Course

In my last blog post, I talked a little bit about partnering with my 9 year old son in business. If you have been following my blog for a while now, you are acquainted with my journey as a single mom raising a son with autism and how that challenge provoked me to teach myself to create computer games and mobile apps to help my son overcome challenges with speech and social skills development. The results were amazing. In fact, today he is 9 years old and owns his own business as the creator of The Games Space. This is a VLOG series that showcases his love for online games, apps and tutorials for creating animations. If you want to learn more about this journey, you can check out my about page.

In our upcoming video series: Mompreneur and Kidpreneur – Starting And Running Business As A Family, we will be showcasing what goes on behind the scenes of a mother-son business team. If you would like to follow our journey, please follow our page on Patreon. If you would like to become a Patron, you will get all the tools, tips and techniques that we are using to make it happen; from homeschooling techniques to strategies for creating products in the shortest time possible, solving cash flow issues and balancing family and business life.

Both my son and I are digital product creators. My first book, the Digital Cash Evolution, is a complete guide on how to create and sell your own eBooks, Software, mobile apps and video training course online. So now that my 9 year old son has gone through this guide and is selling his first digital product online, I am even more confident about how comprehensive this guide is for readers. If you would like to learn more about how you can start creating your won digital products for sale online, I suggest you take a look at my book, the Digital Cash Evolution.

On Saturday, March 3rd was the launch of my son’s animation guide. The guide teaches participants how to create animations in an app call Stick Nodes Pro. Check out a candid video below of my son creating an animation scene on the phone using the Stick Nodes Pro app.

Stick Nodes Pro is a really cool app that is developed by Ralph Damiano. My son recently discovered the app while watching an episode from one of his favorite YouTubers. He downloaded the free version of the app and immediately fell in love with its ease of use and functionality. He would use the app to create animations, which he would share with family, friends and his social media followers. In a short space of time he became a pro at creating animations in Stick Nodes and asked me if I could purchase the pro version for him.

Once he got the pro version, he decided it was time for him to create his first guide. So I helped him to package the guide and we uploaded the videos to Gumroad and pre-sold the course.

We started to promote the course on Facebook and Twitter and something very amazing happened. Ralph Damiano, who is the the creator of Stick Nodes Pro, saw my tweet, shared it with his followers and pre-ordered the course. If was so amazing. My son and I were so amazed.

Ralph Damiano Shares The Games Space Animation Guide With His Twitter Followers

Ralph Damiano Bought The Games Space Animation Guide

If you would like to grab a copy of the course, you can do so by clicking here. If you have created and sold your own course, I would love to hear more about it in the comments below. If you have not yet created a course, let me know what you envision your first course to be or look like in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear more from you. Thanks for reading. Talk to you soon.

Tiffany Simpson

Author Tiffany Simpson

Hi! My name is Tiffany Simpson and I am a Master Life Coach. I met a crossroad in my journey as an entrepreneur, when my son was diagnosed with autism. It was during this challenge that I taught myself to create computer games and mobile apps to help my son develop his speech and academic skills. The results were amazing. You can learn more about my journey at my about page.

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