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Social Media Engagement Post Ideas for Instant Visibility

Social Media Engagement Post Ideas for Instant Visibility

In last week’s blog post, I shared with you a couple reasons why every business needs a branded mobile app. It is a great way to leverage the features of a user’s cellphone to engage with users and gain visibility in a very short space of time. This week I have been working tirelessly to help my son roll out a branded app/trivia game for his business. And it is off to a great start. So in this weeks blog post I want to share some of the digital media marketing techniques that we are using to grow his business. I will share with you a couple of the social media engagement post ideas that have offered instant visibility to his brand and business.

If you have been following my blog for some time now, you are aware of my journey as an entrepreneur and single mom raising a son with autism. It was during this challenge that I taught myself to create computer games and mobile apps to help my son overcome challenges with his speech and social skills. The results were amazing. If you would like to learn more about our journey, you can find more information at my about page.

To give you a little background info about my son and his business, his name is Jayden Simpson. He is 9 years old and the creator of The Games Space. This is a VLOG that showcases his love for computer games. I have been using this medium as a way to teach him entrepreneurship and help him to develop life skills.

So to help him in his business, I have been studying other YouTubers, in the same niche and have been helping him to design a marketing technique that suits his business model. However, a few weeks back, he said something that struck me. He said, “Mom, no one knows who I am”. And I thought about it and realize that he was right. If he was going to get ahead in the industry, he needed an approach that was different from his competition. This approach should brand his business as one of the leaders in his niche, without spending months or even years to gain visibility.

After we talked it over, we decided on a Trivia app for his business. The app would feature questions from the games that he is showcasing on his channel. It would serve as a way to build his brand around an existing community, while bringing content that was entirely unique to the industry. In addition, he would use Facebook and YouTube’s live feature to give his audience the opportunity to play the game live with him. Kinda like his own little game show.

But first, we needed to test out the idea to see if it was something that would gain traction in the market. So the first step was to create content that would engage his audience and at the same time, prepare them for the launch of the app.

Social Media Engagement Post Ideas for Instant Visibility

In this case study, I will be using his Facebook posts as examples. You can pretty much use any social media platform where your ideal audience hangs out. You can do some experiments to see what types of posts people respond to the most. I will share with you the ones we found to be the most effective.

Reaction Post

One of the first things we did was create a post that highlighted the upcoming launch of the app and at the same time would offer his audience an opportunity to participate in a challenge.

I shared the post in niche specific groups. Below is a screenshot of the first post we created. It quickly gained traction among the groups. Group members were able to challenge their knowledge of Roblox.

I did not boost this post in anyway and I used this one and others like it to send traffic back to his page. One of the great advantages to this type of post is that you are able to invite all the people that reacted to the post, to like your page. So it was a great way to drive traffic as well as build his audience, without spending a dime on ads.

Social Media Engagement Post Ideas for Instant Visibility

Facebook Live

Once his page was gaining traffic and fans, we started to implement Facebook Live posts as a way to build awareness about the app and game show, build trust and win over audience participation. The next phase of course is monetization and revenue streams. But I will cover that aspect in another blog post.

Video Post

Another great way to gain visibility leading up to a launch is with videos. Below is a video we used to offer a teaser for the launch and build excitement about the game show.

In my upcoming course, The Complete Guide to Creating A Branded Mobile App, I will teach students how they too can implement the steps above to create instant visibility online and use a branded mobile app as a way to put the intimacy back into community engagement. Participants will receive a branded mobile app for FREE, courtesy Directory App, along with lifetime access to the platform, so that they can continue to manage their app, even after the course is finished.

One of the major errors I see in many online marketing strategies, is that it is centered around selling and not around building trust and intimacy with potential customers. The best way to build an intimate relationship with your customers, is a with a branded mobile app. It offers your business a direct channel to your customers for FREE, saving you massive amounts of money on advertising. You are then able to build the type of relationships that will secure your revenue, without having to stress about your bottom line. If you would like to join the course, click here to sign up. Space is limited!


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Social Media Engagement Post Ideas
Social Media Engagement Post for Visibility
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