Need Coaching?

I help entrepreneurs automate the process of running their business, so that they can increase their revenue, without increasing their work load.

For quick consultations, I use a service called Clarity where we can schedule a call. But when you or your business needs more assistance with setting up an automated system, I provide coaching.

Coaching comes in the form of phone calls, emails and (depending on the plan) meeting in person. Each engagement is for a 3-month minimum (and can be renewed after that).

How do you know if you’re ready for coaching?

Your revenue has flatlined. If you’re stuck and need help getting unstuck, I have a series of questions and challenges to help you start moving again.

You’re busy but not growing. It’s easy to get caught running around reacting to everything going on in your business. I’ll help you think about your proactive steps to navigate what’s really important in terms of your growth. Then we can create a system that automates that process so that you can scale up without increasing your work load.

You want to maximize profit. If you’re making money, you know the feeling is great. How can you make even more? Are there angles you’ve not looked at yet? Let me help you.

You have revenue. I’m expensive for someone just getting started. So if you don’t have revenue, you might want to invest in a shorter and simpler Clarity call.


My rates for my coaching calls are monthly fees ranging from $500 to $2000.


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