A Journey

Of Faith

I met a crossroad in my journey as an entrepreneur when my son was diagnosed with autism. It was during this challenge that I taught myself to develop websites, computer games and mobile apps to help him academically and socially.

I have created many successful startups as a software and mobile app developer. My son, who is 9 years old and has autism, is also an entrepreneur. He is the creator of The Games Space. I have also helped other entrepreneurs to design their dream life and business as a digital media marketing consultant and business coach.

Your Dream Life And Business Awaits You.

I am here to help you shape your dream life and business. I have been able to create opportunities from challenges. Let me be your “solution finder”.

Jayden Simpson

Creator of The Games Space

Meet my son Jayden Simpson. He is 9 years and the creator of The Games Space. After overcoming many challenges with autism, he is an entrepreneur who now embarks on his own journey of faith.

Knowledge Is Power

Let me share with you the strategies I have used to design my dream life and business. Learn more about how I leveraged the use of digital media in my life and business to gain extra ordinary results.

I Blog

Each week, I offer insight on having the right mindset to win in business. This includes creating a vision and mission statement for your life and business, adapting an attitude of gratitude among others tips that help you to think critically about where your business is going and why you want to get there.

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I also host a podcast show entitled #AskTiffany. This show is designed for anyone who is new to entrepreneurship, or is an aspiring entrepreneur. I offer tips on how you can break into the entrepreneurial game and win from the get go. Most of my advice is centered around my book, the Digital Cash Evolution.

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“The Digital Makeover Show” is a weekly YouTube show where I showcase ways in which you can use digital media and digital marketing, along with marketing automation to improve everyday life and business. Don’t forget to subscribe and participate in my weekly giveaways. The show is centered around my course, Small Biz Big Bucks.

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From Struggling Mom Raising A Son With Autism, To Successful Digital Media Consultant.

Tiffany Simpson started her journey as an entrepreneur right after she graduated from college in 2004. With a degree in Math and Physics and no knowledge or experience in running a business, Tiffany struggled to make ends meet.

She started several businesses that failed miserably. However, in 2009, she teamed up with her brother Kendoyll Simpson, and founded Belizean Artwork Publishing. This was a publishing company that published booke for music and the arts, as both are musicians. The business was sustainable and we kept producing new materials to expand.

In 2011, Tiffany met a crossroads in her journey when her son was diagnosed with autism. It was during this challenge that Tiffany taught herself to develop websites, computer games and mobile apps, to help her son academically and socially.

It was this challenge that forced Tiffany to create the skills that has afforded her and her family a successful business and a debt free lifestyle. Read more…

Some Media Highlights & Awards

Rewarded for Innovation: Tiffany Simpson gets US$7,000 Grant from Taiwan

Young Belizean entrepreneur, Tiffany Simpson, 29, has been creating educational software to help Belizean students, as well as those in the Caribbean, prepare for exams for the past three years… Read More.

Belizean Entrepreneur Making News in Trinidad

Belizean entrepreneur Tiffany Simpson has been making the news in Trinidad and Tobago since Monday. The president of Belizean Artwork Publishing, a company out of Belize City… Read More.

Prep Software on Multiple Platform

2 weeks ago, 7News promised to show you part 2 of our story on Tiffany Simpson’s GAME PREP, a computer program designed for helping students perform better on the PSE and CSEC Exams by allowing them… Read More.

Helping women maintain business and economic growth

…Office of Special Envoy for Women and Children, Kim Simplis-Barrow, there was an all-day conference …While there, we spoke with creator of a line of educational materials and mobile applications for children, Tiffany Simpson, on her advice to… Read More.

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